"Your programs were among the best we have had for our children. Thank you." -- Christine Langerfeld, Former Children's Librarian, Montauk Library

"I'm so pleased to work together. You brought so much knowledge and energy to the programs." --Jeanne McDermott, Children's Librarian, Amagansett Library


Joyce Raimondo
Founding Director,
(917) 502-0790

New York City, Suffolk, and Nassau County, N.Y.
Children and Teen - 1 hour
$270 -$280 first workshop (depending on project), $250-$260 second workshop of the day

Adult - 1 1/​4 hour $280,
1 1/​2 hour $290

*additional supply, model, or travel fee may apply to some workshops.


East Hampton Library
Alexandra Giambruno
(631) 324-0222

Southold Library
Dana Bruey
(631) 765-2077

Additional references available upon request.


Children's workshops are adapted for ages five to twelve.
Teen programs are for ages thirteen to eighteen.
Libraries can include mixed ages or limit program to a specific age group.

Maximum number of participants per workshop: 25. (May vary depending on project.)

Art courses and series of workshops are also available.

Set up: All art supplies are included. Library provides proxima projection, laptop, slide screen or blank wall, tables covered, chairs, trash bin.

Workshops are conducted by Imagine That! instructors. Some workshops are taught by Joyce Raimondo.

Partial list of participating Long Island libraries:
Amagansett Library
Amityville Library
Bayshore-Brightwaters Library
Brentwood Public Library
Bryant Park Library, Roslyn
Central Islip Library
Comesewogue Public Library
Commack Public Library
Connetquot Public Libray
East Hampton Public Library
East Rockaway Public Library
Elmont Public Libary
Elwood Public Library
Emma S. Clark Memorial Library, Setauket
Farmingdale Library
Floral Park Library
Floyd Memorial Library, Greenport
Freeport Library
Garden City Library
Gold Coast Library, Glenhead
Great Neck Library
Half Hollow Hills Library, Melville
Hampton Bays Library
The Hampton Library, Bridghampton
Hauppauge Library
Hempstead Library
Hicksville Library
Huntington Library
Island Park Library
Islip Library
Jericho Library
John Germain Library, Sag Harbor
Lindenhurst Library
Locust Valley Library
Malverne Library
Massapequa Library (Central Avenue)
Massapequa Library (Bar Harbour)
Mastic-Shirley Library
Mattituck-Laurel Library
Middle Country Library
Montauk Public Library
New Hyde Park Public Library
North Babylon Library
North Bellmore Library
North Shore Library, Shoreham
Oceanside Library
Oyster Bay- East Norwich Library
Plainview-Old Bethpage Library
Quogue Library
Roosevelt Library
Riverhead Free Library
Sachem Public Library, Holbrook
Shelter Island Public Library
Shelter Rock Library
Southold Library
Syossett Library
Uniondale Library
Wantagh Library
Westhampton Free Library
West Hempstead Library
Wyandanch Library

Participating Queens Libraries:
Long Island City


Our popular art workshops are taught by Imagine That! certified art instructors. Based on Joyce Raimondo's award-winning art books, workshops feature groundbreaking techniques that inspire creativity in everyone! Most workshops include interactive art shows exploring famous artists followed by fun-filled hands-on projects.


Children's art workshops

young adult (teen) art workshops

adult art workshops

Children's art workshops


OUTER SPACE ART ADVENTURE (children and tweens) $270
Be the first kid on Mars, or go on a vacation to the moon! How will you get there? What will you see there? Who will you meet there — an alien, an astronaut or something else? Explore imaginary space travel during an art show adventure. Then, create a collage picture of your fantasy journey into outer space using glittery, sparkly, gold, silver papers, and more!

ALIEN ART ADVENTURE - Clay Workshop (children and tweens) $280
Imagine an adventure into outer space and discover all kinds of make believe aliens during an art show. Then, create your own alien figures using self hardening clay. Decorate your creations with fun filled, sparkly pipe-cleaners, beads, and more.

Just in! New workshops for 2019

NEW! WOOD WONDERS! (children) $270
Discover how Pablo Picasso, Louise Nevelson, and other famous artists create imaginative constructions using wood peices. Then build a castle, an animal, or anything you imagine with recycled wooden toys, blocks, and more.

NEW! PAPER SCULPTURE (children) $270
Two-dimensional to three-dimensional! Discover how Picasso and other artists use paper to create amazing sculptures. Then explore the art of paper folding as you create a fun-filled sculpture out of paper.

NEW! PLAYFUL PRINTS! (children and YA) $280
Discover the art of printmaking! Cut all kinds of beautiful shapes from foam, bubble wrap, and more. Glue your materials to your printing plate, roll on ink, and print it out! Surprise yourself!

NEW! BE A PUPPETEER! (children) $280
A princess! A unicorn! A monster! What will you create? Discover the art of hand puppets using felt, fabric, pom-poms, ribbons, and other decorative materials. Then put on your own puppet show.

NEW! MAGICAL ART KINGDOM (children) $270
Imagine a magical castle, a knight on a flying horse, or a princess who grants wishes. Create your own magical kingdom using sparkly collage papers and more.

Imagine a giant spider that you can walk under! Discover how famous artists Alexander Calder, David Smith, and others build giant sculptures. Then build a sculpture using cardboard, pipe-cleaners, feathers, beads, and other fun stuff. Make your construction by combining materials without using glue!

CANDY INTO ART (children) $270
A chocolate car that’s bigger than you! A face made out of candy wrappers! Discover how artists use candy to create masterpieces of art. Then create your own artwork using popular candy wrappers Hershey’s, Reeses Pieces, and more!

FEELING SHAPES - PAINT INTO COLLAGE (children and teen) $270
Can a shape have a feeling? Inspired by Kandinsky, Picasso, and other modern artists, make an abstract picture that captures an emotion using cut-paper shapes and paint. Fill your picture with lively patterns and designs.

UNIQUELY ME! PICTURE YOURSELF! (children and tween) $270
Who are you? Discover all kinds of creative self-portraits by famous artists. Then express your feelings, interests, and unique personality as you create a one-of-a-kind self-portrait collage using decorative cut-outs, fanciful materials, stickers, and more. Picture yourself in art!

ROCK AROUND THE WORLD (children) $280*
Shake, rattle, and roll! Discover drums, rattles, and other percussion instruments from around the world. Then create your own one-of-a kind musical shaker. Decorate it with 100% recycled items - manmade and natural - such as shells, feathers, and other fun stuff.

WILD ABOUT WATERCOLOR (children and teen) $270
Why would an artist sprinkle salt onto a painting or let water drip onto it? In this workshop, children discover fun-filled watercolor techniques to create special effects. Then paint an outdoor scene using these techniques.

HUGGABLE EMOJIS (children and tween) $280
Happy, sad, angry, mad! Discover how emoji faces express feelings in a fun filled art slide show. Then create your own one-of-a-kind emoji pillow that you can hug using felt and soft sculpture techniques. Decorate it with beads, jewels, and other fun stuff.

FITNESS FANTASY (children and tween) $270
Imagine yourself breaking a world record or winning an Olympic medal! Picture yourself flying as you dance across the sky! Discover exciting fitness feats in pictures by famous artists LeRoy Neiman and others . Then create your own fitness fantasy picture using cut-out figures and papers. Dream it, believe it, - do it! (Painting above and to left by LeRoy Neiman.)

Climb a building! Fly across the sky! Inspired by the adventures of famous super heroes, create your own story picture that shows amazing things your superhero can do using fun filled collage cut outs.


(children and tweens) $270
During fun-filled slide shows, discover how Picasso and other famous artists turned throwaway things into masterpieces of art. Then create whimsical Picasso inspired faces out of 100% recycled toys, trinkets, bottle caps, beads, buttons and more.

How can a toy car become a monkey's face? Discover how Picasso, Calder, and other famous artists built amazing animal sculptures out of toys, trinkets, and other junk. Then construct you own animal out of cardboard without using glue! Decorate it with recycled ribbon, buttons, wires, beads, trinkets, jewelry, and more.

(Children and tweens) $270
Imagine a better world where anything is possible - than build it! Design and construct your own fantasy place using recycled toys, games, wood, cardboard, and other three dimensional materials. What world do you envision? The workshop begins with a an interactive art show about how designers have created amazing worlds from Disneyland to Atlantis and more.

GO GREEN! RECYCLED ROBOTS (children and tween) $280
Discover how Picasso and other artists create figures from recyclables, then construct your own-one-of-kind robot figure using 100% recycled toys, boxes, computer parts, wires, buttons, and more. What will your robot do?

GO GREEN! MYSTERY BOXES (children and teen) -$280
Discover how famous artist, Joseph Cornell, and others make amazing mystery boxes filled with recycled toys, trinkets, and more. Then create your own personal treasure box out of all kinds of fun stuff- toys, action figures, and more.

Based on Joyce's Book, Art Safari

ART SAFARI! ANIMALS IN ART (children and tween) $270
Encounter fantastic animals in modern masterpieces by Picasso, Chagall, Rousseau and others. Then explore the wilds of your imagination in Fantastic Animal Collages. Use fun animal print paper and more! Joyce is author of The Museum of Modern’s Art’s Art Safari series.

CLAY CREATURES! (children and tween) $280
Encounter real and imaginary creatures by famous artists Miro, Chagall, and others. Then, create your own fantasy creature out of self-hardening clay. Decorate it with beads, feathers, pipe-cleaners, and other fun stuff.

Based on Joyce's book, MAKE IT POP!

POP ART! SOFT SCULPTURE (children and young teen) - ($280)
Learn how Pop artist, Claus Oldenburg, and others transformed popular foods - hamburgers, candy, and more into amazing art. Then turn your favorite foods into Pop Art soft sculptures. Make a pizza pillow, or a giant donut you can hug, and more!

POP ART! FAST FOOD FAKES (children) $280
How can a hamburger and your favorite soda wind up in an art museum. Discover how Pop artists Warhol and other turn fast food into art. Then mold your own burgers, hot dogs, pizzas, and more out of self-hardening clay.

POP ART! MAKE IT BIG! (older children and teen) - ($280)
A baseball bat that's bigger than a building! An ice cream cones that's larger than you! Discover how Pop artists Oldenberg and others turn popular things into giant sculptures. Then turn your favorite things into giant Pop Art sculptures using plaster gauze.

POP ART! KITCHEN COLLAGE (children) $270
Discover how Pop artist Tom Wesselman created a life-sized kitchen artwork filled with popular foods, Then create your own Pop Art kitchen, and fill it with your favorite treats using collage.

Based on Joyce's book, Imagine That! Surrealism

IMAGINE THAT! DREAM JOURNEY (children and teen) $270
Go on an amazing dream journey through art. Travel through a fantasy land where anything is possible in art by Dali, Magriitte, and other famous Surrealist artsits. Then spark your imagination as you create your own dream scene using mixed up magazine collage.

Based on Joyce's book, Picture This! Impressionism

Stroll through a gorgeous garden or visit the sunny beach in famous Impressionist paintings by Monet, Renior, and others. Then create your own outdoor scene filled with dabs of bright colors as you paint with cotton swabs!

Based on Joyce's book, What's the Big Idea? Abstract Art

TAPE IT! SHAPE IT! PAINT IT! (children and teen) $280
Discover the art of Picasso, Leger, Mondrian, and other famous artists who love to paint shapes. Then, create your own amazing shapes with tape. Paint your picture, and peel your tape off for an art surprise!

Based on Joyce's book, Express Yourself! Expressionism

What do you do when you are happy, sad, silly, or mad? Discover creative and constructive ways that artists from van Gogh to Pollock express their feelings. Then, inspired by Picasso, create cut paper masks that express strong emotions. Show in art how you feel!

NIGHT VISIONS - GLOW IN THE DARK! (children and teen) $270
See stars that explode in a night sky like fireworks. Picture a place where the sun shines and the moon is out -- and day and night happen at the same time. Discover how vanGogh, Magritte, and others paint wild and imaginative night scenes where anything is possible. Then paint your own night vision using glow-in-the-dark paint. What will you imagine in the dark?

Projects based on individual artists. Who is your favorite?

NATURE INTO ART! GEORGIA O'KEEFE (children and teens) $270
Discover gorgeous gigantic flowers, seashells, and other natural items in colorful paintings by Georgia O'Keefe. Then turn your favorite seashells or flowers into giant painted masterpieces.

DRIP PAINTING! JACKSON POLLOCK (children and teens) $270
How can a splash of paint become a masterpiece worth $141 million dollars? Discover the art of drip painting created by world famous Long Island artist Jackson Pollock. Then express your energy and emotions as you drip paint from sticks onto your painting.

Imagine a woman with two noses and a green face? Discover all kind of creative faces by Pablo Picasso, and discover the meaning behind each one. Then create your own fun-filled mixed up face using oil pastel and paint.

AMAZING MOBILES! ALEXANDER CALDER (children and young teens) $280
Discover the exciting art of Alexander Calder, inventor of the mobile, wire sculpture ,and more. Then create your own amazing mobile sculpture that moves in the wind using wire, string, beads, jewels, and all kinds of fun decorative stuff.

COLORFUL CUT-OUTS! HENRI MATISSE (children and teens) $270
Discover the art of "drawing with scissors." See amazing swimmers, acrobats, and more in happy colorful cut outs by Henri Matisse. Then create your own joyful collage using colorful cut paper shapes. Capture your happiness in art!

Imagine if you woke up and your room was floating in the clouds or an apple appeared that was bigger than you! In this fun-filled Surrealist workshop, discover the imaginative paintings of Rene Magritte. Then make a fantasy pop-up room where everyday things are seen in crazy mixed up ways. Anything can happen in your dream house!

Projects based on children's literature

MARVELOUS MONSTERS! (children) $270
Discover imaginary monsters in Maurice Sendak's Where the Wild Things are and other great pictures. Then unleash your imagination as you construct your own wild thing using collage and folding paper techniques. Great for banned book week, Halloween, or anytime of year.

ART OF THE POP UP BOOK (children) $270
Discover the art of amazing children’s pop up books. Then create your own pop up card or book where your pictures jump right off the page!

An elephant on roller skates? Babar, Curious George, and more! Tell fantastic stories about imaginary characters in famous illustrations. Look for visual clues to describe the setting, characters, and action in pictures. Then create your own fantasy illustration using cut paper collage. Bring your great imagination to this workshop.

Seasonal Workshops

Wild witches, playful pumpkins, ghosts, superheroes, and more! Create your own giant sized Halloween character using three-dimensional paper folding techniques and paper collage. Hang it as a fun-filled Halloween decoration at home.

Celebrate Autumn and Halloween as you create a pumpkin pillow soft sculpture that you can hug!. Decorate your pumpkin with foam stickers, felt, and other festive stuff.

HALLOWEEN - MASK BELIEVE (children) $270
A green face with one eye? Discover imaginative masks in art by famous artists worldwide. Then create your own one-of-a kind mask using fancy papers, beads, feathers, and other fun stuff.

EXPRESS YOURSELF! ANTI-BULLY POSTERS (children and young teens) $270
Together is better! Share and care! In this workshop, we will create uplifting anti-bully slogans that celebrate teamwork and the fun of being a friend. Fanciful collage cut-outs will be used to create posters.

(children and tweens)
Celebrate the holiday season with your amazing creativity. Create imaginative snow people, magical animals, and more working with festive decorations and self-hardening clay.

NEW! FESTIVE WREATHS (children and tweens) $280
Blue, gold, green, red, purple, silver. Create your own one-of-kind mini wreath using all kinds of colorful glittery festive materials - beads, pipe cleaners, ribbons, flowers, and more. Make a gift or a holiday decoration using your creativity.

WINTER WONDERLAND (children) $270
Magical snow people, sparkling trees, and glittering snowflakes! Make a fantasy winter wonderland using glittery materials, felt, decorative papers, and more!

Celebrate the Holidays as you create festive puppets using all kinds of glittery materials. This workshop can be given as a one hour presentation/​project, or can be given in a festival format where people come and go at different times. Fees for this workshop may vary depending on length of program and number of participants.

NEW YEAR’S EVE HATS! (children) $270
Make a fancy crown or a creative hat to celebrate the New Year using sequins, ribbons, and other sparkly materials. Wear at your New Year’s celebration!

(children and young teens)
Dr. Martin Luther King, Harriet Tubman, and more! Discover famous African Americans who followed their dreams and inspired others to do the same in an art slide show. Then create your own American dream collage using quotes and pictures of famous African Americans as well as images that show what you dream and envision for your life. Dream it! Create it! Live it!

FEBRUARY - HUGGABLE VALENTINES! (children and tweens) $280
Using soft sculpture felt techniques, create a one-of-a-kind heart shaped pillow that you can hug. Decorate your artistic valentine with decorative pom-poms, ribbons, stickers, sequins, and more.  

Don't buy it, make it! Get in the spirit of St.Patrick's Day as you create a one-of-kind festive leprechaun hat. Decorate it with four leaf clovers, rainbows, and other lucky charms. Listen to festive Irish music as you create your art.

Make your own St.Patrick's Day decoration! Create a life-sized leprechaun using paper folding techniques. Get creative as you decorate your leprechaun with four leaf clovers, a pot of gold, and other lucky charms. Listen to festive Irish music as you create art.

(children and teens) $270
See giant flowers that explode with color in paintings by Georgia O'Keefe. Picture a world imagination in art by Friday Kahlo. Find out how you can make a masterpeice by ripping up your painting and putting it back together again in art by Lee Krasner. In this workshop, celebrate the diverse creativity of famous women artists and share ideas about what you see in their artworks. Then, based on their innovative techniques, create your own painted masterpiece.

MAY - CINCO DE MAYO - Viva La Vida! Frida Kahlo
Celebrate one of Mexico's most famous artists, Frida Kahlo, who painted the story of her life with spectacular imagery. Figure out the stories in her pictures. Then draw an important memory in your life. Like Kahlo, make it part real and part imaginary. You might draw yourself winning a soccer game in the sky or celebrating your birthday in outer space! What memory will you show?

Imagine a garden where flowers talk and bees wear party hats! Anything can happen in your imagination. Explore imaginative gardens in illustrations and paintings. Then use tissue paper and other decorative items to create a make believe garden filled with the wonders of your imagination.

SUMMER - BEACH INTO ART (children) $270
During these fun summer workshops, Raimondo brings an amazing beach collection to your library. Become aware of some of the fascinating creatures that live on the beach by looking at shells and other natural items you can find on the shore. Then make imaginative faces, animals, and more out of seashells, rocks, and other fun beach stuff.

How can shells become an animal's hat or rocks turn into eyes? Create fun filled creatures using shells, rocks, and other natural items combined with self-hardening clay.

Using felt and fun-filled decorations, create a soft sculpture lobster, fish, or crab that you can hug!

A smile made from colorful rocks, eyes made of shells? In this workshop, we will transform amazing beach finds into whimsical masks. Bring your beach collection or use ours!

Crabs, clams, oysters, and more! Inspired by Georgia O'Keefe, turn your favorite seashells and other beach finds into bigger than life abstract paintings. Bring your beach collection to this workshop for creative summer fun.

Discover beautiful sunsets in art. Then paint a beautiful summer sunset. Add a beach, palm trees, and more to create a painted summer silhouette against a gorgeous sky.


AFRICAN ADVENTURE (children and young teens) $270
Discover the power and magic of African masks inspired by animals. Then create your own fanciful mask using animal print paper, beads, feathers, and other fun stuff.

DIG INTO CLAY! PRE-COLUMBIAN ANIMALS (children and teens) $280
Learn about clay animals from Latin America and Mexico and their many uses. Then create your own animal out of self-hardening clay and other natural objects such as rocks, pebbles, shells, twigs, and more. Great for children and young adults.

EGYPTIAN EXPEDITION (children and teens) $280
Go on an expedition through the magical world of ancient Egyptian art during an interactive slide show designed for young viewers. Discover the stories behind amazing mummies, sphinxes, pharaohs, and more. Then create your own Egyptian inspired animal-human out of self-hardening clay.

AROUND THE WORLD IN PICTURES (children and young teens) $270
Travel around the world on an art adventure. Encounter amazing people and places in pictures by famous artists from around the world. Share your own stories about what you see in art. Then create your own story picture about an imaginary trip you take around the world using cut paper collage.


NEW! TIME CAPSULE: Technology Now and Then (children and teens) $280
Travel back in time before cel phones were invented. See first hand an old fashioned camera, slide projector, phones, and more from long ago. Then, inspired by famous artist Keith Haring, make a time capsule collage of popular technology now and then.

(Children and teens) $270
What is the American Dream? What freedoms do people seek in America? What hopes, dreams, or difficulties might a person have when moving to a new place? During a lively show about immigration in art, take a trip across the ocean, greet the Statue of Liberty, and arrive in America for a new life. Then create collages that tell the story of how your family came to America and your American dream.

young adult (teen) art worskhops

We are currently recreating our website - check back soon for new additional tween and teen workshops in this section. Please see children's sections above for great workshops that teens love too.

VISION BOARD WORKSHOP (tween and teens) $270
What world do you want to build for yourself and others? What do you dream for in the future? We will begin with a fun and inspirational art show featuring famous people from Walt Disney, Laurie Hernadez, Bionce, and others whose childhood dreams came true in amazing ways. Then discover the power of thought as you envision the world you want to create for yourself and others in a collage vision boarding workshop.

ACTION FIGURES! (tween and teen) - $280
Jump for joy or or do a silly dance! Discover how famous artists capture emotions and people in action in art. Then create your own person in action using plaster guaze sculpture technique.

CAST IT! (tween and teen) $280
What can you say with your hands? Make a life-like cast of your hand using fun-filled plaster guaze. You will discover the art of George Segal who made amazing life-size sculptures of everyday people using this plaster casting technique. Project featured in Joyce Raimondo's art book, Make It Pop!

PLASTER MASKS (tween and teen) $280
Beautiful! Scary! Funny! Fantastic! Inspired by amazing masks from around the world, create your own expressive 3-d mask using a facial mold and plaster gauze.

PICTURE THE WORD! (tweens and teens) $270
Find fun-filled words and hidden messages in Joyce Raimondo's word paintings and other famous artists. Then turn your own favorite words and sayings into colorful designs using patterned paper collage and paint.

RIP IT UP! LEE KRASNER (tween and teen) $270
Discover how famous Long Island artist Lee Krasner, wife of Jackson Pollock, expressed her feelings with bold abstract art. Inspired by Krasner, get your feelings out as you create a colorful abstract collage by ripping, cutting, dripping paint and more.

FEELINGS INTO ART! Pollock Drip Painting (tween and teen) $270
How can a splash of paint become a great work of art? Discover how artists Jackson Pollock and other modern artists express their emotions with paint. Then get your feelings out as you create your own Pollock inspired drip painting.

NIGHT VISIONS - Vincent VanGogh (children and teen) $270
See stars that explode in a night sky like fireworks! Discover how famous artists vanGogh, Magritte, Dali and others paint imaginative night time scenes where anything is possible. Then paint your own night vision using day glow paint. What will you imagine in the dark?

DRAWING FACES MADE EASY! (tween and teen) $270
For anyone who enjoys drawing, this workshop will show you simple techniques to improve drawing skills. In this fun session, you will learn how to draw faces and people with ease.No prior experience in drawing is needed - beginners and more advanced are all welcome.

ROCK INTO ART (tween and teen) $270
A rocking guitar! The beat of a drum! The sound of your favorite singers voice? Discover how artists show sound and music in art. Then create a bold picture of your favorite music using paint and collage. Feel free to bring music to listen to while working.

DUCT TAPE INTO PAINT! (tween and teen) $280
Discover the art of Picasso, Leger, Mondrian, and other famous artists who love to paint shapes. Then, create your own amazing shapes with decorative duct tape and combine it with paint for a fun-filled artwork.

NATURE INTO ART! Georgia O'Keefe (children and teen) $270
Discover gorgeous gigantic flowers, seashells, and other natural items in colorful paintings by Georgia O'Keefe. Then turn your favorite seashells or flowers into giant painted masterpieces of art.

Spiderman, Superwoman. Batman and more. Discover superheroes in famous cartoons during an art slide show . Then learn basic drawing and cartooning techniques to make your own superhero come to life.

MASK IT! UNMASK IT! (tween and teen) $270
What parts of yourself do you like to show people? What parts of yourself do you mostly keep to yourself? Discover how famous artists create portraits and masks to reveal different sides of their personalities and feelings. Then create a mask that show two aspects of yourself.

ON YOUR MARK, GET SET - SCULPT IT OUT! (tween and teen) $280
Run across country, reach for a basket hoop, or twirl like a dancer. Discover how artists capture athletes, dancers, and people in action in masterpieces of art. Then create a statue of yourself in motion -- doing your favorite fitness activity -- using fun filled plaster gauze.

POP ART PRINTS (tween and teen) $280
Discover how celebrities such as Michael Jackson were transformed into larger than life colorful prints by “Pop” artist Andy Warhol. Then make your own print of a celebrity, sports figure, or pop star of your choice.

PRINT IT OUT! (children and teen) $280
Create your printing plate, roll out ink, press your paper, and print it out! Before computers, artists made copies of their art with hand-made printing techniques. In this workshop, we will make colorful copies by experimenting with foam printing techniques combined with collage.

COMIC POP ART PILLOWS (tween and teen) $280
SPLAT! WHAM! POW! Feature your favorite coming sounds as you create a “pop” art pillow using felt and other decorate items. WOW! What sounds will you create?

SELFIE PORTRAITS (tween and teen) $270
Who are you? Discover all kinds of creative self-portraits by famous artists. Then express your feelings, interests, and unique personality as you create a one-of-a-kind self-portrait drawing combined with decorative materials. Picture yourself in art!

TIME CAPSULE COLLAGE (tween and teen) $270
Teen choice! Popular athletes, singers, television shows, movies and more. What's popular with teens today? Discover how famous Pop artists transform "pop" culture into amazing art. Then create your own Pop collage using magazine pictures and other images of our time.

CREATE A CREATURE (tween and teen) $280
A moonbird that is bigger than you! A imaginary insect made of steel. Discover famous artists who invent their own creatures. Then sculpt your own imaginary animal using plaster-gauze.

I-PHONES INTO ART! (teen) $270
Explore how famous Pop artists transform popular items from their time into amazing works of art. Then turn your favorite technological item - I-phones, computers, cell-phones, headsets and more into a fun-filled painted masterpiece.

BODY TALK! CLAY FIGURES (tween and teen) $280
Jump for joy or a wild dance! Discover how famous artists capture emotions in sculptures. Then create your own person or animal that shows a feelings using self-hardening clay.

NEW! SUNSET SENSATION   (tween and teen) $270
Discover how artists capture dramatic sunsets with brilliant paint and colorful photographs. Then  paint a scene against a  spectacular sunset.  Create a silouette of palm trees, a city skyline, a surfer, or anything you imagine! No painting experience needed.

BOOK IT! (tween and teen) $270
An accordion, a pop up book, and more. Learn how to create unusual hand made books. Fill your one-of-kind book with your drawings, writing, or use it as a journal.

adult art workshops


Designed for novice and experienced artists alike, each workshop begins with an interactive slide show about famous artists such as Monet, van Gogh, Picasso. and others. Rather than solely lecture, the instructor invites viewers to share their interpretations about what they see in paintings in a relaxed conversational setting. Then participants explore the techniques and ideas of famous artists as they create their own artworks. All supplies included.

$290 1 1/​2 hour, $280 1 1/​4 hour
Includes supplies for up to 25 people

NEW! VIVA LA VIDA! (LIVE LIFE!) Art of Frida Kahlo
Celebrate the art of Mexico’s most famous female artist -- Frida Kahlo. Discover how she told the dramatic story of her life in amazing paintings. Then create your own picture story that tells a memory in your life in an imaginative way.

Discover how famous artists capture the sky at different times of day and night. Then paint a scene against a spectacular sunset. Bring a photo or paint from your imagination.

Why would an artist sprinkle salt onto a painting or let water drip onto it? In this workshop, we will experiment with a variety of watercolor techniques  to create special effects. Then paint an outdoor scene using these techniques. Please bring a photo that you would like to use as inspiration for your painting. 

See stars that explode in a night sky like fireworks. Picture a place where the sun shines and the moon is out -- and day and night happen at the same time. Discover how vanGogh, Magritte, and others paint imaginative night scenes and see color in the dark. Then paint your own nighttime scene.  Please bring a photo that you would like to use as inspiration for your painting. 

Discover the art of "drawing with scissors” by Henri Matisse. See amazing swimmers, acrobats, and more in abstract colorful cut outs by Henri Matisse. Then create large scale collages using  colorful cut paper shapes. Capture your happiness in art!

Discover the art of colorful cut-outs by Henri Matisse. Then create your own hand-made prints using foam printmaking techniques. Inspired by Matisse, fill your prints with playful shapes, pattern, and color.

NEW! PICTURING LOSS - Healing Bereavement through Art ($300)
Following a presentation about how famous artists and writers have expressed grief, participants can try their hand at private journal writing. This special workshop is inspired by my own loss and the discovery of an enormous strength within myself through art and journal writing. -- Joyce Raimondo

CAPTURE THE BEAUTY! Impressionist Painting
Explore how Impressionist artists -- Renoir, Monet, Cassatt, and others --captured the beauty of the moment in paintings. Then paint your own outdoor scene using dabs of colorful paint.

STARRY NIGHTS! Paint like vanGogh
Stars that explode like fireworks in the night sky! Learn how Vincent vanGogh filled the landscape with imagination as you explore his masterpieces. Then express your imagination and emotions as you paint your own moody sky using bold brushstrokes and dramatic colors.

Flowers that burst into color! Based on the work of popular American artist, Georgia O'Keefe, we will design beautiful floral paintings that are larger than life. We will begin with an interactive slides show discussion of O'Keefe's work, and follow with a related painting project.

Discover how Surrealist artists Dali, Magritte, and others delve into the realm of dream, imagination, and the subconscious through art. Then enjoy art games and magazine collage designed to spark imagination and creativity.

MORE THAN A PRETTY FACE! Picasso and Modern Portraits
Why would a woman have two noses and one eye? Discover the art of Picasso and other painters who create expressive portraits. Then create your own one-of-kind expressive face using cut paper collage.

My kid could do that! This workshop will take the mystery out of modern art as you discover the key to understanding abstract art by Matisse, Picasso, Mondrian, and others. Then paint your own hard-edge abstract painting using tape to create bold beautiful shapes.

STORIES OF OUR LIVES: Norman Rockwell and others
This workshop is especially designed for the elderly and venues who serve older seniors such as assisted living facilities, nursing homes. libraries, and other institutions. During interactive slide shows, participants reminisce as they tell stories about what they see in nostalgic illustrations that portray twentieth century scenes. Optionally, participants create photo-collages to reflect upon and express their legacies.

FEELINGS INTO ART! Pollock Drip Painting
How can a splash of paint become a great work of art? Discover how artists Jackson Pollock and other modern artists express their emotions with paint. Then get your feelings out as you create your own Pollock inspired drip painting.


NEW! PERFECT BEAUTY  - FIGURE DRAWING ($30 additional model fee)
What is ideal beauty? Aphrodite, the Goddess of love,  Michelangelo’s, David, Warhol’s, Marilyn Monroe and more! During a lively slide show discussion, we will explore how artists worldwide picture ideal  beauty from sculptures of ancient Greece through contemporary art.  We will then draw from a live model creating our own ideal of beauty. This class will teach basic figure drawing techniques, no experience is needed. 

How do you create light and shade with pencil? From cross hatching, blending, and highlighting, this workshop will teach you creative ways that you can use pencil to create  three dimensional effects. We will also demonstrate a range of  supplies you need to get the most out of pencil drawing.

Architecture, buildings, streets, rooms, and more. How do you create the illusion of depth in a drawing? This workshop will teach you the basics of one and two point perspective drawing that will improve your drawing skills in one session.  

NEW! DRAWING THE CLOTHED MODEL ($30 additional model fee)
How do you draw clothing and folds of fabric on a person? We will look at example of famous artists who skillfully render clothing on people. We will then practice basic  techniques to improve drawing clothing and fabric to create a three dimensional look as we draw from a Iive clothed model. No experience needed. 

Have you ever said, “I can’t draw a straight line?” For anyone who enjoys drawing, this workshop will show you simple techniques to improve your observational drawing skills. In this fun and relaxed session, we will learn basic contour drawing skills geared to people of all levels.

CAPTURE THE POSE: FIGURE DRAWING - ($30 additional model fee)
Improve your ability to draw people from observation in one session! Learn drawing techniques that help you capture the figure in motion and expressive poses. We will begin with a slide show exploring how artists such as Matisse capture the essence of the pose to emphasize feeling. We will then draw the clothed figure in a relaxed atmosphere of exploration.

Learn the basic of drawing the human head, face, and facial features. Understand universal proportions that will improve you ability to draw a portrait in one session.

NEW! CHARCOAL DRAWING ($30 total supply fee per workshop)
How can you make a vase look three dimensional with shadows and highlights? Learn shading and modeling techniques as you explore the wonders of charcoal drawing. This workshop will teach you basic charcoal drawing skills and give you an overview of charcoal supplies.

Painting is all about color. In this workshop, we will explore the basics of color mixing. In one hour - learn the "science" of color as you enjoy the hands-on experience of mixing colors. This basic knowledge will improve your painting skills and make your artworks come to life.

Make you printing plate, ink it up, and print it out. In this workshop, we will explore the art of collograph printmaking. Using textured materials, create your printing plate. Then, print it without using a printing press.


Discover the art of George Segal who became famous for his life-sized figures cast from plaster. Then make a replica of your hand using his plaster casting technique.

Learn how famous artists capture the figure in motion to express a feeling or action in sculptures and paintings. Discover how artists use exaggeration and distortion to enhance expression. Then create your own figure in a striking pose using plaster gauze and wire.

Learn how famous artists Picasso, Calder, and others transformed junk into masterpieces of art. Then create your own sculpture using found objects. Some recycled items will be provided; -- participants are also asked to bring small items such as broken jewelry, bottle caps, trinkets, or wrapping paper for use in workshop.