Intern, Joellyn Maloney, during hand-casting workshop.

College students and recent graduates work directly with Joyce Raimondo to implement art programs. Interns gain experience teaching visual literacy as well as arts administration. Send resumes to joyce@​

“I had the most wonderful time working with you this summer. It was a lovely work environment and a very formative learning experience. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity!” Sophie Freidman Pappas – Former Intern 2014

"You have taught me how to see art in an educational and fun way that I had never seen before. Thank you for being an insightful teacher, artist, and friend. I had a blast!" -- Laura Palmer , Former Intern 2013


Three hour workshop
Additional travel and supply fee may apply.


"Thank you very much for everything today! The teachers found your presentation extremely INFORMATIVE and ENGAGING! We would love to have you back again!!!"

-- Janet Valesquez, District Coordinator of Art Education, K-12, Brentwood School District

"The workshop was PERFECT. I enjoyed everything. It was very appropriate for our students. I enjoyed talking about how we can incorporate VISUAL LITERACY in the classroom. I learned new ways of questioning and talking about artwork. and I loved the projects and group work. This was GREAT!"
--Time Costa, Art Teacher, Brentwood School District

"Your teacher workshops were the BEST WORKSHOPS ever given at Rikers Island school. You taught me things that I actually used in the class. I always rave about you!"

-- Ellen Karlin, Art Teacher, Island Academy

"I appreciated the information you shared with us. There is nothing more rewarding then acquiring USEFUL TOOLS that I can use with my classes. Thank you again." Maureen Ahearn, Art Teacher, Riverhead School District

Partial List of

American Association of Museums

Brentwood School District, NY

CUNY, Queens College, Flushing, NY

C. W. Post University, Westbury, NY

Island Academy, NY, NY
(Riker’s Island School for incarcerated youth)

Long Island Art Teachers’ Association, NY

The Museum of Modern Art/​Lincoln Center Institute, NY, NY

Massapequa School District, NY

National Art Educators’ Association

New York City Art Teacher’s Association, NY

New York State Art Teachers’ Association, NY

North Bellmore Teacher Center, NY

Patchoque School District, NY

Scope/​Victor D’Amico Institute of Art, Amagansett, NY


Family Programs Coordinator
The Museum of Modern Art

Art Education Faculty
(Teacher Certification k-12)
School of Visual Arts

Acting Curator of Education
The Queens Museum of Art
Flushing, NY


Addressing common core standards

Raise test scores with IMAGINE THAT!

Leading educator, artist, and author, Joyce Raimondo, leads k-12 core classroom and art teachers in an exploration of art designed to maximize student creativity and critical thinking.

Slide Shows
During interactive slide shows, Joyce Raimondo models how to facilitate engaging discussions about modern masterpieces by such artists as van Gogh, Picasso, and Pollock. Each program explores an age appropriate theme such as how famous artists express emotions. Rather than simply provide information, Ms. Raimondo demonstrates how to ask questions that invite students to form their own interpretations about what they see. The questioning technique prompts detailed and carefully considered observations. Students are encouraged to debate and express their opinions while accepting varied viewpoints.

This program helps prepare students for English Language Arts Assessment Test and meets the New York State Standards for the Arts. The approach imparts the joy of art history to students who often have been deprived of art instruction or the opportunity to visit museums. The discussions enhance academic skills and can be applied to other areas of leaning such as social studies, language arts, and science. The approach helps students 1) develop language skills 2) increase observation skills 3) enhance critical and creative thinking 3) gain confidence speaking within a group 4) debate and accept varied opinions 4) develop the ability to describe, analyze, and interpret art 5) express emotions constructively 6) gain knowledge and enjoyment of art history.

Hands-on Projects
Following the slide talks, teachers learn how to utilize art history as a springboard for creativity during related projects in collage, drawing, printmaking, or sculpture. Designed to maximize creative thinking, the projects are based on revolutionary modern art movements such as Surrealism, Impressionism, and Expressionism.

Teacher Outcome
1) Teachers will develop skills for looking and talking about art with students (K-12) by using simple questioning techniques.
2) Teachers will develop ability to describe, analyze, and interpret artworks based on what they see.
3) Teachers will learn how to create hands-on art lessons for students (K-12).
4) Teachers will develop an understanding of modern art concepts.
5) Teachers will explore art media. They will understand how these projects can be applied to age appropriate classroom activities.

Program Format
The workshops are based on Joyce Raimondo’s educational art books. The books present the content of the workshops in a lively format that can be used in the classroom. Staff development workshops can be given in a series or one single session. Museum trips for students and teachers can be incorporated into the program. Visits in which Joyce Raimondo works directly with students can also be integrated into the staff development program.

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