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Joyce Raimondo

School Visit Fees

1 hour slide talk/​assembly
or workshop: $375

Each additional
program given on
same day: $350

Additional supply or
travel fee may apply.


"The children had a FABULOUS TIME in EVERY grade. The murals look wonderful!" — Kim Wheeler, William L. Buck PTA, Valley Stream, NY

"Joyce was truly AMAZING! Her ability to communicate with the students both young and old was tremendous. The teachers were remarking on how great it was to have a presentation that allowed the students to be CREATIVE and have FUN at the same time....I would bring her back in a heartbeat and recommend to all." — Laura McMillian, Daly El PTA, Port Washington, NY

"Thank you! All of the children and the teachers had a FANTASTIC TIME!! You were a pleasure." — Tina Bodkin, Abbey Lane El PTA, Levittown, NY

"You are by far the NICEST PERSON I have dealt with doing the bookings for Arts in Ed.." --Sue Cardillo, Northside ES PTA, Farmingdale, NY

“ABSOLUTELY EFFECTIVE in teaching children to think about what they see in art and to trust their reactions and feelings. Taught students how to react to an artwork through creative discussion and writing.” --Sixth grade teacher, Springs School, East Hampton, NY

“The project permitted even the most disabled students to be WITTY, IMAGINATIVE, and EXPRESSIVE in their communication.” -- Pearl Golden, National Center for Disability Services, Albertson, NY

"Everyone had GREAT things to say about your program. We would love to have you back." --Ellen Guido, Birchlane ES PTA, Massapequa, NY

"It is a pleasure to work with someone who loves what they do. It is obvious that YOU HAVE PASSION FOR YOUR WORK." -- Chari Nascon, Old Bethpage ES PTA, NY


Taught by Imagine That! instructors, after-school workshops are designed for creative social fun. Perfect for girl scouts. One hour workshops given singularly or in a series.

Limited time offer
$220 per one hour session*
$350 for author visit*
Supplies included.
*Travel fee may apply.


Home school programs can be arranged in private homes or public venues such as museums and community centers. Workshops teach children how to think critically and creatively as they explore masterpieces of art and related open ended art projects.

Limited time offer
$220 per session*
$350 for author visit*
Supplies included.
*Travel fee may apply.

Ages 2-5

Taught by our Imagine That! pre-school instructors, these workshops help children develop observation, language, and narrative skills as they are prompted to tell their own stories about imaginative artworks by world famous artists such as Rousseau, van Gogh, and others. Then, based on the artists' techniques, toddlers explore a range of materials with an open-ended playful spirit. With an emphasis on creative thinking, exploration, and process, each one hour session includes a variety of activities designed to inspire children and teachers alike.

Popular pre-school workshops:

Inspired by Pollock and other innovative painters, children paint with sticks, sponges, cotton swabs, combs, and other fun stuff.

Discover animal sculptures, then make your own animal or creature using self-hardening clay and fanciful decorations.

Encounter amazing animals in paintings, then create your own textured creatures using felt, fake fur, and more.

Discover fun-filled faces made in prints by famous artists. Then print out your own faces, shapes, and more using printmaking techniques designed for toddlers. Ink it! Press it! Surprise yourself!

Pre-school fee:
$350 one hour workshop*
Supplies included.
*travel fee may appy

"The stepping stones look GREAT. Parents and staff LOVED IT. Everyone at Imagine That! was so nice to deal with and the whole process was EASY. I definitely would recommend to all!” — Kristina Ottaviano, Unqua El PTA, Massapequa, NY

"Thank you for the FABULOUS workshops and amazing assemblies." -- Kim Lavery, Idle Hour PTA

"My daughter said today was the BEST DAY OF HER LIFE." --Kelly Gallagher, parent

"We LOVED your class. You provide children with an ENRICHING experience that they do not get elsewhere." --Dr. Wendy Eisner, Professor, Nassau Community College

"Kids are under so much pressure. I felt so FREE during the workshop." -- HighSchool student, Riverhead

"Joyce was extremely professional and knowledgeable about art and illustration in relation to storytelling & writing. The children were excited and engaged. We will have her back." Amy Quirk, Riverside ES, PARP, PTA

"The program was PERFECTLY SUITED TO AGE GROUP and it was obvious that the children really enjoyed it. I received very positive feedback from teachers during the workshops. Thank you so much." --Renee Nelson, Robert W. Carbonaro PTA

"The KIDS LOVED IT!" --Karen Grimes, Winthrop ES PTA, Bellmore, NY

"Joyce Raimondo's CREATIVITY should be in the water supply." -- Melissa Cross, South Salem ES PTA, Port Washington, NY

"We had a GOOD TIME having you visit, and the feedback from the students has been TERRIFIC." -- Michele Samuels, Newbridge Road ES PTA, North Bellmore, NY


“Thank you for coming to Susan E. Wiley school and inspiring our students. They really loved your workshop. They are still talking about it and so excited.” --Jeanne Scudio, Art Teacher – Copiaque

Students walk on Pollock's drip painted floor. Awesome!

“Once again you left a great impression on our students.  Words can not express the gratitude I feel for the time, energy, patience, and information that you share .  The students were very excited to create their Jackson Pollock inspired paintings.  The smiles on their faces were priceless. ” --Denise Allen, Art Teacher, Little Flower

"The trip to Pollock's house was great. It INSPIRED STUDENTS to want to learn more about art. Thank you for a great day." -- Elizabeth Marchisella, Peirson High School Art Teacher


"I learned you can take anything from your MIND and put in on paper."
-- grade 5

" I felt like I was in another Universe. I felt like I was putting all my FEELINGS on paper so I could feel like one with the painting." -- grade 4

"Painting is about my feelings. I felt like I was in kindergarten, and I was having so much FUN. In the end, I learned alot that day." -- grade 4

"I LOVE ART because I can see alot of things in it. Joyce Raimondo taught me a NEW WAY to explain myself."
-- grade 4

"The kids and I had a WONDERFUL TIME at the Pollock House!!!
I cannot tell you how a-buzz they all were when we returned to school!" -- Denise Clark, Teacher, East Hampton High School

"Everyone is raving about your program. It was AMAZING!" --Ricki Weisflener, Art Teacher


Kim Wheeler
Arts in Ed Coordinator
William L. Buck,
Valley Stream

Laura McMillian
Arts in Ed Coordinator
Daly El, Port Washington

Tina Bodkin
PARP Coordinator
Abbey Lane El, Levittown

Caren Catinella
Arts in Ed Coordinator
Fairfeild ES, Massapequa
(516) 799-1249

Robin Laban
Former Arts in Ed Coordinator
Chestnut Hilll ES, Melville

Pearl Golden, Former Cultural Arts Coordinator, Henri Viscardi School/​Abilities, Albertson
(917) 803-6055

Rebecca Morgan, Supervisor Project Most Afterschool Program, East Hampton
(631) 766-3836


"Joyce Raimondo fosters EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE. I will use the activities for years to come." -- Jane Berzner, Former President, NYS Art Teachers Association

Check out Imagine That! library workshops too!


(partial list)

Albany Avenue,
N. Massapequa

Amagansett ES

Aquebogue ES, Riverhead

Bellmont ES

Birchlane, Massaepqua

Bridgehampton School

Brooklyn Avenue, Valleystream

Charles E. Walters ES, Yapank

Chestnut Hill, Melville

Child Development Center,
East Hampton

Daly ES, Port Washington

East End Home School Group,
East Hampton

East Hampton HS

Fairfeild ES, Massapequa

Guggenheim ES, Port Washington

Hayground, Bridgehampton

Henri Viscardi, Albertson

Hewit ES, Rockville Center

Hillside ES, New Hyde Park

JFK, Amityville

John Marshall ES, East Hampton

John Phillip Sousa ES,
Port Washington

Lawrence MS

Manorhaven ES, Port Washington

McKenna ES, Massapequa

Medford-Patchoque ES

Millponds ES, St. James

Montauk School

Northside ES, Farmingdale

Northside ES, East Williston

Old Bethpage ES

Phillips Avenue ES, Riverhead

Pulaski Street MS, Riverhead

Remsenburg-Speonk ES

Riley Avenue ES, Riverhead

River ES, Patchoque

Riverside ES, East Meadow

Riverhead HS

Roanoke Avenue ES, Riverhead

Roslyn MS, Roslyn

Ross School, East Hampton

Sagaponick School

Solomon Shecter Day School, Jericho

South Salem ES, Port Washington

Shelter Island School

Springs School, East Hampton

Southampton ES

Syosset Village School

Sunquam ES, Melville

Quogue School

Unqua ES, Massapequa

Watson ES, Rockville Center

Wainscott School

Westhampton Beach School

West Islip HS

West Side MS, Syosset

Wheatley HS, E. Williston

William L. Buck, Valleystream

William S. Covert Elementary School, Rockville Center

Woodward Parkway Elementary, Farmingdale

Victor D’Amico Institute of Art, Amagansett


The Ark Project, Bridgehampton, NY

Bronx Museum of the Arts, New York, NY

Children’s Museum of Manhattan, New York, NY

Children Museum of the East End, Bridghampton, NY

Crayola Factory, Easton, PA

Guild Hall of East Hampton, East Hampton, NY

Hudson River Museum, Yonkers, NY

The Museum of Modern Art, NY, NY

Ocean Beach Historical Society, Fire Island, NY

Ossorio Foundation, Southampton, NY

Pollock-Krasner House and Study Center, East Hampton, NY

P.S. 1, Institute for Contemporary Art, Long Island City, NY

Schools (k-12) Murals. Assemblies.Workshops.

Arts-in-ed unity murals

The Imagine That mural team, directed by the acclaimed author-illustrator Joyce Raimondo, paints with students to create an uplifting character education mural tailored to your school. The mural illustrates your school slogan, character words, colors, and mascot. Input from the principal, PTA,  and teachers, of the mural sketch is welcomed. The Imagine That! mural team folds into the art teacher's schedule of  classes to paint the wall mural with every student in your school participating. Or, choose one or two grades to paint the mural. During each session, prior to painting, our mural teachers lead discussions with the students about the character education words illustrated in the mural.  For example, "What does respect mean? How might we show respect when working on the mural today?"  The program serves as an inspiring and unifying project that lasts for years to come.

Curriculum Connections: social-emotional learning, character education, anti-bullying program, anti-drug, visual literacy, art of illustration

arts-in-ed assemblies and workshops

Based on Joyce's acclaimed art books, scroll down to choose your topic.

Nationally acclaimed author, illustrator, and leading educator, Joyce Raimondo and the Imagine That! team, spark children’s creativity as they explore masterpieces of art during interactive assemblies. Guaranteed 100% student participation, we invite students to express their ideas about what they see in masterpieces by van Gogh, Picasso, Pollock, and other famous artists. Joyce also shares her own art and the personal inspiration behind her creativity. Based on Joyce's award winning art books, books, schools can schedule related hands-on workshops in which students explore innovative art methods inspired by famous artists.

Our groundbreaking approach is designed to MAXIMIZE CREATIVE THINKING. All students develop confidence to articulate their opinions, as they debate, analyze, and interpret great artworks. Students learn that everyone has his/​her unique way of thinking and to celebrate the diverse views of classmates.

Addresses Common Core Standards
Prepares students for English Language Arts Test.
Meets New York State Standards for the Arts.
Addresses character education and social-emotional learning.
Inspires unity and diversity.
Inspires teamwork and leadership.
Teaches visual literacy.
Students will:
Develop language skills
Develop observation skills
Develop critical thinking skills
Gain confidence speaking within a group
Debate and accept varied opinions, respect others' veiwpoints
Gain knowledge and enjoyment of art history
Develop the ability to describe, analyze, and interpret artworks
Express themselves creatively through innovative art methods and discussions
Express a range of emotions and imagination
Believe in the possibility of having a creative career and the ability to follow one’s dreams

BENEFIT TO TEACHERS: Every program includes creative post-visit activities related to the school curriculum that teachers can carry out our visit. Hundreds of principals and teachers have praised the Imagine That! approach - we encourages social-emotional learning, "visual literacy," and creative thinking all while having fun.


Character education through art. In addition to "zero tolerance" policies, negative bullying behavior needs to be replaced by POSITIVE BEHAVIORS. What do you do when you are happy, sad, frightened, or mad? Discover creative and constructive ways that artists from van Gogh to Pollock express their feelings. This program creates empathy, respect, and a sense of community by showing students how to embrace diversity of ideas in art and the opinions of their classmates. During lively discussions about art, Raimondo shows students how to listen to each others' opinions and truly celebrate each others' unique ways of seeing and learning.

Building social skills, students work in teams to create poster display boards that promote positive character attributes such as respect, kindness, and sportsmanship. Also available; students express emotions in projects inspired by the artists' techniques such as mixed up Picasso feeling faces, Pollock drip painting, and more.

Additionally, schools can choose to have the students' posters developed into permanent murals painted in hallway. Scroll up for mural information.

Curriculum Connections: social-emotional learning, character education, anti-bullying program, visual literacy.

Old toys, trinkets, broken jewelry, bottle caps, and more! During fun-filled slide shows, discover how famous artists Picasso, Calder, and others turned throwaway things into masterpieces. Then, transform junk into treasures of art. Create Picasso inspired faces, whimsical animal sculptures, mystery boxes, and more out of 100% recycled items. Projects featured in Joyce's book What's the Big Idea.

Curriculum Connections: environmental studies, recycling, celebrate Earth Day

Encounter fantastic animals in modern masterpieces by Picasso, Chagall, Rousseau and others. Then explore the wilds of your imagination in Fantastic Animal Collages or Amazing Clay Creatures. Joyce is author of The Museum of Modern’s Art’s Art Safari series. Students can follow up by writing stories and making art online at The Museum of Modern Art’s Art Safari interactive website​artsafari created by Joyce Raimondo.

Curriculum Connections: English Language Arts, creating narratives, visual literacy, art of illustration

How can a fast food hamburger become a great masterpiece? Discover how Pop artists Warhol, Lichtenstein, and others transform everyday things into thought-provoking works of art. Then create your own Pop art hand casts like Segal, portrait prints like Warhol, soft sculptures like Oldenburg, and more.

- Nominated Texas Blue Bonnet Award
Melting clocks! Combs the size of your bed! Enter a fantastic dream world created by Surrealist artists Dalí, Magritte, Kahlo, Miró, and others. Then discover your wondrous imagination as you create fantasy collages and other projects inspired by Surrealists.

Visit a sunny seaside or stroll through a garden full of bright colors. Journey through a beautiful world of Impressionist art by Monet, Degas, Renoir, Cassatt, and others. Then, create paintings inspired by Impressionists filled with dabs of color without using a paintbrush!

Art does not have to look real to be great! Explore amazing mobiles by Calder, colorful collages by Matisse, mixed up faces by Picasso, or drip paintings by Pollock as you discover what creativity is all about. Then, set yourself free as you create amazing abstract sculptures, prints, painting, and more.


NEW! THE AMERICAN DREAM: Immigration and Art
What is the American Dream? What freedoms do people seek in America? What hopes, dreams, or difficulties might a person have when moving to a new place? During an interactive art show, students explore the immigrant experience in famous paintings. Rather than lecture, Raimondo prompts students to interpret what they see in art, and use it as a springboard for discussion of American history. Folllowing, students create collages that depict the American immigration experience.

Curriculum Connections: social studies, American and local history, social emotional learning, visual literacy, Common Core Standards

Where can you see a monkey flying above a city and an elephant on roller skates? Dive into the imaginative world of amazing art and illustrations by Henri Rousseau, Marc Chagall, Faith Ringold, Maurice Sendak and others. Tell fantastic stories about what you see. Look for visual clues to describe the setting, characters, and action in the pictures. Then create your own imaginative story picture using cut paper collage. Designed for grades k-6, this program encourages visual literacy, the development of narratives by looking at pictures, writing, reading, art, and verbal skills. Students can follow up by writing stories about their artworks and creating narratives about famous artworks online at The Museum of Modern Art’s Art Safari interactive website​artsafari by Joyce Raimondo.

Curriculum Connections: Parents as Reading Partners, creating narratives, literacy, art of illustration

Go on an expedition through the magical world of ancient Egyptian art during interactive slide show assemblies designed for young viewers. Discover the stories behind amazing mummies, sphinxes, pharaohs, and more as you uncover art treasures in Egyptian tombs. Raimondo prompts students to look, question, and share ideas as they discover for themselves what Egyptian art is all about. Also available; related hands-on workshops in which children recreate Egyptian art for display in their Egyptian school "museum." Other world art topics available; Ancient Greece, African Art, Medieval Art.

Curriculum Connections: ancient history, social studies, world religions, museum studies

During interactive slide shows, Joyce Raimondo, shows students how her life developed as an artist from early childhood to adulthood. Joyce invites students to share their own interpretations of her dramatic autobiographical artworks. Presenting the story of her life through art, she shows how art is a vehicle of expression during difficult and joyful times. Raimondo exemplifies careers in the arts as an illustrator, book author, museum educator, and fine artist. She inspires students to follow their passion while being of service to others.

Curriculum Connections: character education, career development, memoirs, auto-biography

Trips to Jackson Pollock's House and Outreach

"Thank you for a wonderful day. Everyone had a great time. I never saw so many smiles. We will always remember that trip as one of our most beautiful days." -- Valerie Lagakis, Achilles Program, Nassau Community College

by Hans Namuth

Joyce Raimondo is the Education Coordinator for the Pollock-House and Study Center. Guided by Joyce, students grades 3 and above, visit the home and studio of the abstract painters Pollock and Krasner - a national landmark in East Hampton. Then sketch or paint outdoors on the spectacular grounds overlooking Accabonic Harbor.

In-school Pollock assemblies and drip painting workshops are available on a limited basis to eligible schools. . Offered by the Pollock-Krasner House and Study Center, trips and programs start at only $1 per student.

Curriculum Connections: local history, museum studies, learning from primary sources, visual literacy, art history, social-emotional learning

Frequently Asked Questions - Arts-in-Ed

How do workshops differ from what an art teacher does?
Formerly at The Museum of Modern Art, Joyce Raimondo is a leading expert in visual literacy - teaching young audiences how to "read" pictures. Her groundbreaking questioning technique invites 100% participation as students describe and interpret what they see in famous art. Also a professional artist and author, Raimondo discusses her own work and serves as a role model for students on how to follow one's creative vision. The hands-on workshops offer highly innovative techniques that maximize creative thinking. A leader in the education field, Joyce Raimondo has lectured art teachers throughout the U.S. on how to teach art. Through her school workshops, she models -- for teachers and students alike -- how to express one's creative spirit.

What grades?
Grades k – 12 (Discussions and slide shows are adapted to each grade level.)

What is the set up?
School provides scissors, paint, paper, and glue when needed for workshops.
Imagine That! can provide all supplies for an additional fee.
School provides Powerpoint projector, laptop, and screen. Please provide room that is dark enough to show slides. If school does not have this equipment, Imagine That! brings a slide projector.

What is the maximum number of students per slide show/​workshop?
100 students per show/​workshop to maximize student participation
The same show/​workshop is repeated several times in one day.

Each session is 45 minutes to one hour.

Up to three consecutive workshops or slide shows may be scheduled on one day.

Courses and package fees available for school residencies.

Staff development workshops offered.