First Place Winners of Imagine That's Anti-Bully Teamwork Contest:

Addie Overend, grade 9, Garden City Schools

Joey Hoffer, Grade 4, Manor Oaks School

Sanna Taylor, Grade 2, Hampton Street School

Pop Art Food Pillows

Outstanding art by Paula Dagen's daughters.

"My twins absolutely loved it!" -- Paula Dagen, Parent

Carrie's Painting

"The students and I love you! Where else can you create a Pollock inspired design and drip color on a cake?" -- Denise Klein, teacher, East Hampton High School

"Stunned and Startled" by Jessica Toner, age 8, published in Express Yourself!

A big thank you to Maura Burns who helped fasciliate the family drip painting workshops this summer.

Family works together to create drip painting

"It was a fabulous day! --Tamara Nemo

Celebrate African American history with art.

Mural inspires creative teamwork.

Incorporating school slogan and students' ideas, sketch for Lawrence MS mural designed Joyce Raimondo

Lawrence students brain storm ideas for their poster/murals using collage elements.

Inspired by Pollock and Krasner, students drip paint, -- then rip, cut, and collage shapes to express emotion and energy.

have a conversation about art with Joyce Raimondo

Anti-Bully Teamwork Contest Winners Announced

December 14, 2014

Tags: Art Contest, Anti-Bully, Teamwork, Character Education

This month, we announced the winners of Imagine That!'s first anti-bully art contest. The winners, in three age categories, will have their artworks printed as Imagine That! greeting cards. The net profit of cards sold will fund anti-bully art programs for students in need. The cards will be sold on our website www. (more…)

Art for The Retreat, Domestic Violence Shelter

May 15, 2014

Tags: domestic violence, community service, Pollock, volunteer

I have had the honor of working directly with mothers and children at The Retreat, a domestic violence shelter. The Pollock-Krasner House and Study Center has sponsored numerous drip painting workshops for families at the Retreat. As I painted with babies, children, teens, and mothers, I felt moved to offer more to the women (more…)

THE AMERICAN DREAM: Art and Immigration

March 28, 2014

Tags: immigration, social studies, The American Dream, melting pot, Ellis Island, American history, cultural identity, assimilation

Today I visited Solomon Schechtor School of Manhattan for a workshop exploring American immigration and art. We started by discussing art that tells the story of American immigrants. Rather than imparting facts, we used art as a springboard to explore such questions as, "Even though people in America are from countries from all (more…)

Art and Autism

January 4, 2014

Tags: Art, Autism, Private Lessons, Provate Art Instructions

Every year brings new connections to people through art. Ending 2013, I had the pleasure of teaching an adult artist with autism -- Carrie. I provided Carrie with acrylic paint supplies, canvas, and painter's tape to create lines and shapes. I offered visual cues and simple directions on how to mix colors on her palette, (more…)

Celebrate local history through art

December 6, 2013

Tags: local history, East End, Long Island, Pollock, Krasner, DeKooning, East Hampton

Today I visited Ms. Klein's Life Skills Class at East Hampton High School to create a local history painting/collage. The in-school project followed the group's trip to Jackson Pollock's House and other cultural institutions in the Hamptons. Celebrating local history through art, we collaged pictures of world (more…)

Common Core - A Creative Adventure

November 16, 2013

Tags: Common, Core, Standards, Staff, Development, Art, Teachers, Creativity, North, Bellmore

This month, I am working with teachers from North Bellmore exploring how looking at and discussing art supports the objectives of the Common Core Standards. To begin, we discussed, "What is creativity?" It is not just about art, it is relevant in all areas of learning and being. "Who do you admire for his/ (more…)

Encouraging your Child's Art

November 7, 2013

Tags: parents, art, express, yourself, highschool, art, book, print, child, art, Southampton

Today, I visited Mrs. Altomare's art class in Southampton High School. The halls and the art room were lined with amazing murals, drawings, sculptures, all giving an impression of a serious art studio environment. We discussed how Pollock and others artists express feelings in art, and students shared their personal interpretations.


Welcome Maura Burns to Imagine That!

September 12, 2013

Tags: Program Coordinator, art employment

This summer, Maura Burns, joined Imagine That! as a an intern assisting with all aspects of our family drip painting workshops held at Jackson Pollock's House. I am delighted that Maura will continue as Imagine That's Program Coordinator. Maura brings a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm to Imagine That. She is currently working towards (more…)

Art Creates Togetherness

September 1, 2013

Tags: art party, drip painting, families, Jackson Pollock

Today I joined Tamara Nemo's family for her mother's birthday with an art party. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, siblings, and children gathered together to celebrate by dripping paint in the spirit of Jackson Pollock. Three generations came together to express their creativity. Even though everyone started with the same materials and technique - dripping tempera (more…)

What can children learn by dripping paint from sticks?

May 29, 2013

Tags: Pollock, abstract art, arts in education, painting, abstract expressionism, drip painting

Last week I had the honor of working with fifth graders at St. James Elementary School for a week-long program of drip painting inspired by Pollock. Beginning with discussions about how artists such as Picasso, Munch, and Pollock express feelings, children shared their ideas about what they see in art. I am always amazed (more…)