First Place Winners of Imagine That's Anti-Bully Teamwork Contest:

Addie Overend, grade 9, Garden City Schools

Joey Hoffer, Grade 4, Manor Oaks School

Sanna Taylor, Grade 2, Hampton Street School

Pop Art Food Pillows

Outstanding art by Paula Dagen's daughters.

"My twins absolutely loved it!" -- Paula Dagen, Parent

Carrie's Painting

"The students and I love you! Where else can you create a Pollock inspired design and drip color on a cake?" -- Denise Klein, teacher, East Hampton High School

"Stunned and Startled" by Jessica Toner, age 8, published in Express Yourself!

A big thank you to Maura Burns who helped fasciliate the family drip painting workshops this summer.

Family works together to create drip painting

"It was a fabulous day! --Tamara Nemo

Celebrate African American history with art.

Mural inspires creative teamwork.

Incorporating school slogan and students' ideas, sketch for Lawrence MS mural designed Joyce Raimondo

Lawrence students brain storm ideas for their poster/murals using collage elements.

Inspired by Pollock and Krasner, students drip paint, -- then rip, cut, and collage shapes to express emotion and energy.

have a conversation about art with Joyce Raimondo

Encouraging your Child's Art

November 7, 2013

Tags: parents, art, express, yourself, highschool, art, book, print, child, art, Southampton

Today, I visited Mrs. Altomare's art class in Southampton High School. The halls and the art room were lined with amazing murals, drawings, sculptures, all giving an impression of a serious art studio environment. We discussed how Pollock and others artists express feelings in art, and students shared their personal interpretations.

After the class, a student approached me and said, "I remember you came to my elementary school and made art with us. My artwork was published in your book." When she told me her name, Jessica, I immediately recalled her as a child with her mother at the book-signing for the publication of my book Express Yourself! at Jackson Pollock's House many years ago. I remember her face filled with joy as she saw her artwork published in the book. I recall how proud her mother was telling me what a great artist her daughter was. Here we are many years later, Jessica is now applying to art colleges. This made my day. I love to seeing young people who have been encouraged to do what they love and follow their dream of being an artist! VanGogh once wrote, "Love what you love."

The program was given under the auspices of the Pollock-House and Study Center.


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