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Art Creates Togetherness

Today I joined Tamara Nemo's family for her mother's birthday with an art party. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, siblings, and children gathered together to celebrate by dripping paint in the spirit of Jackson Pollock. Three generations came together to express their creativity. Even though everyone started with the same materials and technique - dripping tempera paint from wooden sticks onto individual canvases -- each person had his or her own completely unique way of painting. Tamara's Mom decided that instead of dripping paint, she would draw flowers on a field reminiscent of her childhood in Israel. Tamara turned her first painted"mistake" into an asset -- as she sponged off her first painting that she didn't like, she noticed the water created a soft rainbow of colors for her background. A happy surprise! The children created stripes and colorful designs which they then embellished with splats of paint. The highlight of the morning, was when adults and children gathered together to create one large drip painting -- a gift for grandma and grandpa.

During this event, I was reminded that every moment spent with family is truly a gift, and I felt grateful to be a part of this joyful occasion. With special thanks to Tamara Nemo who invited me to her home.
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