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have a conversation about art with Joyce Raimondo

Common Core - A Creative Adventure

This month, I am working with teachers from North Bellmore exploring how looking at and discussing art supports the objectives of the Common Core Standards. To begin, we discussed, "What is creativity?" It is not just about art, it is relevant in all areas of learning and being. "Who do you admire for his/her creativity?" One teacher answered, "Julia Childs. She was always trying new things and not afraid to make mistakes." Creativity takes place in an atmosphere of safety in which people feel they are free to experiment, play, explore, and make mistakes which often provide an unexpected great idea. Creativity is stifled in an environment that is overly authoritarian, critical, and controlled.

Teachers are embarking on a new journey as they shift into teaching Common Core Standards - it is a transition from the familiar to the unknown. I hope teachers find their adventure to be a creative one - filled with trials that lead to even higher levels of thinking and enthusiasm in the classroom.

Special thanks to the North Bellmore Teacher Center for inviting me to work with their dedicated teachers.
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