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have a conversation about art with Joyce Raimondo

Celebrate local history through art

Today I visited Ms. Klein's Life Skills Class at East Hampton High School to create a local history painting/collage. The in-school project followed the group's trip to Jackson Pollock's House and other cultural institutions in the Hamptons. Celebrating local history through art, we collaged pictures of world famous artists such as DeKooning, Krasner, and Pollock who lived in East Hampton. Working together, we then painted the background and added finishing touches with drip painting. Following our art, we dripped food coloring on a chocolate cake baked by the class for a holiday treat.

Ms. Klein is a model teacher who integrates classroom learning with the abundant cultural resources in her community on the East End. I will always cherish the warm welcome I received in her classroom by her amazing students and the teachers.

This program was offered by the Pollock-Krasner House and Study Center in East Hampton.
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