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Anti-Bully Teamwork Contest Winners Announced

This month, we announced the winners of Imagine That!'s first anti-bully art contest. The winners, in three age categories, will have their artworks printed as Imagine That! greeting cards. The net profit of cards sold will fund anti-bully art programs for students in need. The cards will be sold on our website www.imaginearted.com beginning in January. You can see all of the contest winners and runners up on our facebook art gallery.

Rather than focus on negative bullying behavior, we offered this contest to promote positive character through art. The contest challenged young artists, grades k-12, to create images of people working or playing together exploring the theme of teamwork. I was moved by the varied expressions of artwork submitted by students from New York to as far as Oregon! We thank all of the participants for their contributions and the efforts of art teachers who submitted their students' works. Special thanks to our guest judges, Helen Harrison, Pearl Rosen Golden, Barbara Imperiale, and Rosemary Markowsky. The anti-bully art contest will be an annual event at Imagine That! I love delivering good news!
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